Sutra Vape Mini Screen Assembly on white background

Ensamblaje de pantalla mini Sutra Vape

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Ensamblado para ofrecer un rendimiento superior

El ensamblaje de pantalla Sutra Vape Mini de Sutra Vape es una pieza de repuesto o reemplazo para el dispositivo Sutra Mini Vaporizer. Fabricado con silicona y metal duradero, es ideal para sobrevivir al desgaste diario. Con el ensamblaje, los usuarios pueden esperar sesiones fluidas, ya que crea una barrera literal entre la boca del usuario y la boquilla, por lo que no se inhalan desechos desagradables. La inclusión de la Mini Pantalla garantiza que cada sorteo esté lleno de vapor y sin contaminación. El conjunto de pantalla mini Sutra Vape también es una pieza OEM (fabricante de equipos originales), lo que significa que garantiza la misma artesanía que el accesorio original incluido para un rendimiento impecable.


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Customer Reviews

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Dry Herb Screen

These are really helpful to have on deck, sometimes when I pack really fresh herbs in it can get caught, swapping in a new one and doing a deep cleaning is all that you need to avoid this.

Ryan Tannehill
Works As Described

Got some of these screens and they are pretty much exactly what they say they are, works well for dry herb but needs to be cleaned or changed every so often.

Sutra Perfection

Had issues with my Mini until my new screen arrived, I guest thats why using it almost everyday for a year does! Recommend to all Mini owners looking to get a fresh start with their vape but for like cheap.

Snaps In

All I needed, glad I could pick some screens up for a reasonable price.

Needed This

Based out of NYC, couldn’t figure out what was wrong but S****** suggested that it was the filter and it was! Such a cheap fix and now my mini is right back to normal.

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