Move Over, Sutra Squeeze Coming Through!

Nov 30, 2022

Imagine a device so perfect that it has every feature that you are looking for. The Sutra Squeeze Cartridge Vaporizer is a popular portable vape that features a 15-wattage, a resistance range of 0.5Ω to 2.0Ω, and also incorporates an 11.7mm cartridge hold size. Powered by a 650mAh battery, this device includes many advanced features that will fulfill every session you experience.

Magnetic 510-Thread Adapters

The Sutra Squeeze is an oil cartridge vaporizer that utilizes a magnetic 510-thread attachment. The Squeeze kit comes with 2 magnetic rings for easily connecting oils to your device with a quick snap!

Preheat Mode & 4 Temperature Settings

This device features fast preheat functionality and 4 voltage settings. Each voltage setting includes visual feedback, which displays a different LED light color per temperature (green for 2.8V, blue for 3.2V, yellow for 3.7V, and red for 4.2V).

Vibration Alerts

When the unit is on, it will vibrate and light up to its indicated voltage level. This device includes vibration alerts to let you know when it is time to start your session.

Automatic Shut Off

If you always forget to turn off your device after using it, then Squeeze is for you! The Sutra Squeeze features a 15-minute Shut-Off, which alleviates the risk of leaving your battery inside of your pockets.


What else can you ask for in a vape? The Squeeze is portable, trendy, and easy to use! With so many awesome, upgraded features, the Squeeze will never disappoint but only leave you satisfied with every session. The Sutra Squeeze comes in 5 colors: Black, Bronze, Gunmetal, Silver, and Full Color.