Everything You Need To Know About Spit-Back While Vaping

Mar 8, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Spit-BackImagine this—you finally get a chance to take a puff from your vape (with your favorite flavor too!) and suddenly, you hear your device crackle. Once you take a big inhale, hot liquids of the e-juice are burning your tongue. This matter is called Spit-backs. These situations tend to occur when the liquid material in your tank gathers in the center of your coil and is heated too fast. So, instead of vaporizing, it ends up rather cooking the material.

How Bad Are Spit-Backs, Really?

Don’t worry! Spit-backs aren’t too bad. The only downside of spit-backs are the shocks and pops of hot e-juice entering your mouth. The small amounts of nicotine entering your mouth will not cause any harm. An advice is to never have a dry mouth, as saliva instantly cools down the hot liquid materials.

How Do I Prevent Spit-Backs From Happening?

Let’s face it, spit-backs are inevitable and can occur at any session. Something you can do is to simply point the tank in a different angle as you inhale. In this motion, the pop will transpire, leading you to vape with ease.

Another trick from preventing this issue is to switch to a device with adjustable temperature for full control of vapor production. With adjustable temperature settings, you can easily turn down the level, which leads to slower heating of the liquid.

Avoiding spit-backs can be a hassle. A last tip is to make a habit of cleaning the center of your tank. Make sure to completely take apart your device and use an alcohol-soaked dab swab bud to gently wipe the chamber of any unwanted e-liquid residue.


Spit-backs are a nuisance to any vape session, but there are ways to prevent it from occurring. Never let hot e-juice ruin your vaporizing experience! Make sure to check out our concentrate vaporizers at SutraVape.com.