4 Types of Coils You Need To Try

Dec 7, 2022

Whether you want to savor your concentrates or enjoy a good ol’ solid toke, each coil you use in a session hits differently. Each kind of coil has a variance based on how long it takes to heat, which one is the most resistant, or what kind of taste it brings from your concentrates.


One of the most favored coils is titanium, which serves as a potential alternative to traditional nails. Titanium is a widely used material for bangers, nails, and other accessories. The best thing about titanium materials is that they NEVER break; it does not get fractured or dented, nor does the functionality ever get affected. Titanium has exceptional heat retention and will retain the heat for quite some time, making it great for long sessions.


Ceramic coils take time for their base to get heated, but once it reaches its optimal temperature, it will retain heat quite well. Ceramic is a slow-heating material that can be great for users who prefer to dab at low temperatures. The best trait of ceramic coils is that you do not need to keep heating them up as it holds heat for the longest time.

If you like having a hip session with the most vibrant pieces, then ceramic coils might be the coil for you. Ceramic accessories are available in various colors that can complement your device or rig perfectly.


Quartz is a common dab coil that has a thicker and sturdier body than normal glass. It is known that quartz accessories are food grade; therefore, they don’t release toxic gases even if it is heated to high temperatures, making them compatible with blazer torches. Quartz material heats up very quickly and is inert, which does not alter the taste of your dabs. In addition, quartz offers a tenacious setup if your rig is made of glass.

Silicon Carbide

If you like high heat, then silicon carbide coils might be the best choice for you. Silicon carbide features thick walls and is made from high-resistance elements. Dabbing with a silicon carbide coil provides very thick and flavorful vaporization. Due to its very high conductivity, silicon carbide helps vaporize your concentrates efficiently and smoothly. Silicon carbide is a wonderful material used for balanced heating, excellent vaporization, and delectable flavor. This material is also easy to clean and improves the overall experience of your sessions.


It really just all depends on YOU! From silicon carbide’s high temperatures to titanium’s everlasting wear & tear, each coil you decide on will satisfy your sessions however you desire.