4 Tips for Vaping in Cold Winter Weather

Jan 18, 2023

4 Tips For Vaping In Cold Weather with Sutra Mini in woman's lap in front of festive background

Winter weather can be a vibe, but vaping in the cold isn’t really. Chilly winter weather and vape sessions don’t go well together, but some preparation can go far! If you stay prepared, you will realize some practical results, like extended battery preservation and enhanced effects of consuming your materials. To help you avoid unpleasant vaporizing experiences, we want to give a rundown to perfect your perspective on vape sessions in cold weather. Here are four tips for vaping in winter weather:

Sutra Auto laying on desk next to cartridge

Switch Vape Flavors

Switching your vape flavors every season is essential. Think about it like this, plenty of coffee shops bring out their seasonal drinks to fit the perfect vibe—whether that is peppermint or pumpkin spice. Set the mood right for every season!

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Avoid Long Pulls

When it comes to vape sessions in the cold, some things may need to be clarified. As you inhale through your device, crispy cold air moves in and generates the atomizer unnoticeably. Therefore, your intake won’t be as powerful when vaping in the cold.

With a weak intake, you will be tempted to take a long puff to recompense. A longer draw means your battery works harder under the results of difficult circumstances than usual—doing this will decrease battery life.

Sutra Squeeze in pale woman's hands near scarf

Keep Your Devices Warm

You should know that vaporizers are very sensitive to cold temperatures. Vapes function through a procedure with rapid-moving electrons that power the device; therefore, electrons slow down when exposed to low and cold temperatures.

Vaporizers work twice as hard during a colder rate, which strains their battery life—this can lead to longer charging times and less vaping power. An advised tip is to keep your devices at room temperature to preserve their power and quality.

Sanitize Your Device

Winter is when everyone usually gets sick, and when it comes to vaping in cold weather, you might want to sanitize your device to keep it clean and germ-free. It is vital to prevent the spreading of germs and to avoid the flu as much as possible.


Keep these tips in mind, and never let the winter weather ruin your vibe! From keeping your vapes clean and sanitized to switching flavors to match the winter feel, you can finally enjoy a vape session in the cold in four easy ways. Make sure to check out our popular vaporizers and visit SutraVape.com!